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Timlynn Babitsky | Resources | Friday, September 12th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
For up to date information on New York State wind energy legal developments – land use and zoning laws, environmental issues, judicial and regulatory actions — wind project organizers should definitely check out the Wind Power Law Blog.

The Wind Power Law Blog is purely educational. It is not legal advice. But for doing your homework on New York State wind projects, this blog site is an exceptional resource.

The site is maintained by Clifford C. Rohde, an attorney with the Albany, N.Y. law firm of Cooper Erving & Savage LLP. Rohde works closely with firm partner Scott P. Olson. A quick scan of the Wind Power Law Blog “About” page details the expertise they bring to the wind power arena in New York State.

Rohde’s practice with the firm focuses on public utility land use and zoning issues. He has substantial regulatory, compliance, corporate, communications and policy advocacy experience, at both the federal and state level.

Scott P. Olson…heads the firm’s land use and zoning practice…Olson possesses more than a decade of first-hand experience with complicated and controversial real estate development issues, with particular emphasis on securing local right-to-build and use and zoning permits and approvals and compliance with the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and its implementing regulations.

If you are working on a wind project in New York State, I urge you to do some deep research on the Wind Power Law Blog website — early and often.

If your project is not in the Empire State, you can still learn much from this excellent resource. Although the emphasis is on wind energy development in New York, there is a good deal of great information on a whole menu of related issues to wind power development in general.

Click here to go to Wind Power Law Blog, or click on their link in my blogroll.

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