Yes YOU can….

Timlynn Babitsky | Case studies,Communities of Wind,Issues: Strategies & Tactics,Why here? | Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
Eric Chamberlain researched municipal wind energy, evaluated local wind resources, then shook his network connections at Wind Capital Group and John Deere Credit and asked: “Why not wind power for my town?” On Friday, April 18, 2008, Rock Port Missouri became the first city in the U. S. to be 100% wind powered and the entire community turned out to celebrate! (more…)

Power Struggle in Iowa

Timlynn Babitsky | Issues: Strategies & Tactics,Why here? | Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
Depending on your source, Iowa is now either #3 or #4 in the country in wind energy generation. Add to that the Iowa Power Fund, Iowa’s $100 million renewable energy research and development initiative, and Governor Chet Culver’s mission to make Iowa “…the nation’s undisputed renewable energy leader.” Given all that, you’d think that Iowa is a GREEN POWER haven! Not so! There is a battle going on and you can help. (more…)

State of the Wind Power Union

Timlynn Babitsky | Why here?,Wind Power Basics | Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
With the President’s State of the Union address behind us, we got to thinking – what is the State of the Wind Power Union now at the front of 2008? What’s the potential for wind energy production in the US? How much have we tapped to date? What’s the real potential for economic benefit? Can a wind energy patch really help get us off our oil addiction? (more…)

It’s not windy enough here

Timlynn Babitsky | Why here?,Wind Power Basics | Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
“Why do you want to put a turbine there? We don’t have good wind,” is often the very first sign of potential disagreement with your wind project. To answer these potential resistors you need to take this question seriously even if you live in one of the top five windiest states in the nation. Why? (more…)