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Gaining cooperation from individuals and groups within the same organization is never easy. Gaining support from diverse individuals and groups who do not share the common ground of the same organization is a challenging and complex social process.

For wind advocates who are trying to harness the support of diverse stakeholders for agendas that are often contentious, wielding influence becomes a true test of skill in interpersonal communication.

This website, and the Wind Project Community Organizing handbook, workshops and consulting services are skill builders for influencing others. The step-by-step approach guides you to develop critical skills in interpersonal communication that will show you how to become more successful in your advocacy activities.

You will learn how to develop a mindset that shifts the focus from preoccupation with personal needs, desires, and frustrations, to understanding and seeking ways to help satisfy the needs and desires of others. This shift will help you to find theWin-Win Sweet Spot” among diverse constituents that can lead to successful influence and exchange as you influence others and move your own agendas forward.

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