Timlynn Babitsky | | Thursday, January 31st, 2008

For wind advocates who are trying to harness the support of diverse stakeholders for agendas that are often contentious, wielding influence becomes a true test of skill in interpersonal communication.

The Wind Project Community Organizing handbook helps community organizers, activists, and project managers to develop strategic, tactical, and interpersonal skills that will significantly increase community acceptance and stakeholder support for a wind power development project.

By applying each step detailed in the handbook’s process, wind advocates can learn how to: influence resistors to support their agendas; develop win-win exchanges with allies and potential allies; and find that “Win-Win Sweet Spot” where all stakeholders come away with success.

“Gaining support from individuals, groups and organizations outside your organization is one of the most challenging and complex influence situations…Here, in her words, is the extremely instructive accounting of how Timlynn found an important opportunity, identified a staggering number of key stake-holders, determined their currencies, made relationships, found, created or invented resources they cared about, and made the complex exchanges that launched a mighty wind in Montana.”

Allan Cohen and David Bradford
Authors of Influence Without Authority

The Wind Project Community Organizing handbook for community organizers, activists, and project managers is available now. Click here to go to the book on line then click on the arrows on the tool bar to see sample pages, table of contents and the back of the book index. 

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