Timlynn Babitsky | | Thursday, January 31st, 2008

We offer presentations and workshops on the Win-Win Sweet Spot process to a wide variety of audiences – from wind project community organizers to activists working on any project involving diverse stakeholders across a number of organizations and interests.

Workshops can be tailored as a one or two day event depending on the needs of the community and the stage of your project. In general, workshops cover in detail the four phases and seventeen steps of the Win-Win process with a combination of presentation, discussion, and hands on exercises. The two-day workshop includes sessions on strategic thinking, conflict resolution, and effective communication.

Presentations are customized based on the interests of the audience, the topic to be covered, and the desired presentation length.

 If you are interested in sponsoring/scheduling a presentation or workshop please send an e-mail. I look forward to helping you move your wind project forward!

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