Seventeen Steps to Success

Timlynn Babitsky | | Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Seventeen Steps of the Wind Project Community Organizing Process

          Phase One. Choose an Issue, Map an Agenda

  1. Identify issues of greatest interest and potential for success
  2. Select one key issue that inspires passion
  3. Research the issue fully to understand the big picture
  4. Map the issue space to identify a particular agenda
  5. Phase Two. Identify Network Resources, Determine Support

  6. Map the issue social network
  7. Map networks of personal connections
  8. Approach each person as a potential ally
  9. Select potential allies for this agenda
  10. Discover the currencies of each potential ally
  11. Identify natural advantages and assets
  12. Phase Three. Propose the Agenda

  13. Present the agenda as a win-win exchange
  14. Frame the message to generate interest
  15. Phase Four. Expand the Network

  16. Use all media channels to promote the agenda
  17. Expand resources by helping others accomplish their agendas
  18. Build credibility through hard work and incremental success
  19. Develop a Plan A, and alternative Plans B, C…
  20. Learn from others

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