Win-Win Sweet Spot

Timlynn Babitsky | | Thursday, January 31st, 2008

With the looming specter of global warming, wind power projects are even more important to the future of our planet. Yet, even today after much research and a great deal of media coverage, wind power projects face stiff resistance. Kniting together support and dissension to move wind projects forward is a huge challenge. But you can meet it.

Supporters bring a wide range of perspectives, priorities, and issues to every wind generation agenda. And, resistors come armed with mis-information, mis-conception and valid issues to be addressed.

The Win-Win Sweet Spot process focuses on:
Alliance versus Competition
Collaboration versus Compromise
Dialog versus Demand
Listening versus Assuming
• Innovating outside the box versus more new ways to be inside
Many paths up the mountain versus the one “right way”
• Daring to try something different versus don’t risk change

Whether you are just starting out or already fighting project resistance, putting up a single turbine or a wind farm of tubines, the information on this website introduces you to the elements of this process. Articles, news, pointers to research and expert opinions will help deepen this introduction and give you insights that you can use to test what you’ve learned as you move your wind project forward. The Wind Project Community Organizing handbook, workshops and consulting services can extend and deepen your ability to use the Win-Win process or get you started quickly with a hands-on approach.

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