Wind power satellite dish?

Timlynn Babitsky | Issues: Strategies & Tactics,Noise Pollution,Turbines are Ugly! | Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
Observing the energy produced in just one day from a small wind turbine attached to his house this UK entrepreneur says there is no difference between a house-attached turbine and a satellite dish And many of his neighbors agree.

Seeing his small turbine as no more obtrusive than satellite dishes that do not require permits, and fully expecting the government to soon scrap permit requirements for all home green-energy sources, Phil Proffitt, did not apply for planning consent.

He may be right. In March 2008, permit rules changed. UK householders can now install solar panels and heat pumps and other such energy generators on their houses without permits, but wind turbines were excluded. Resistance focused on the turbine noise and vibration issues.

So, Mr. Proffitt, may have to take down his turbine and apply for a wind turbine permit. His neighbors are watching this case very closely – supporters, resistors, and those in between.

Looking at his house-attached turbine, Mr. Proffitt says, “They are no more obtrusive than big satellite dishes – people used to complain about TV aerials in the 40s, and then it was satellite dishes, and now a few people will complain about this.”

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