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Timlynn Babitsky | Issues: Strategies & Tactics,Power Grid Problems | Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

by Timlynn Babitsky
In 2005, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued its proposed regulations for connecting wind projects to the grid. The technical requirements it proposed recognized the proliferation of wind farms, and their special nature and potential impact on grid reliability.

In February 2007, new FERC transmission access rules were finally adopted. They took effect in June 2007. The new rules focus on a whole lot more than just wind project access to transmission lines. They cover transmission line access for renewable energy power sources in general.

Step 3 of our Seventeen Steps to Success says to Research the issue fully to understand the big picture. Even though you may not care about transmission access by other renewable energy sources, the MORE you KNOW …. the stronger you will become in pursuit of your own agenda.

If the will-o-the-wind and power grid reliability is a hot and heavy debate around your wind project. You will want to download the whole 1,255 page transmission access rule report by clicking here:  Preventing Undue Discrimination and Preference in Transmission Service. It is certainly not the most spicy reading, but it will bring in new flavors to your wind project stew. 

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